Architectural Visualization

Architectural Visualization

Architectural Visualization

3D Architectural Visualization that sells.

We think strategically to create visuals that fuel target audience wants and desires.

Our work process generates images that make sense and allow the viewers to experience the project emotionally.

Scroll down for some samples of our work:

Exterior rendering of a building for real estate.
Architectural Visualization for real estate Exterior Rendering Fyr Studio.
Architectural Visualization Interior (32)
Interior Rendering living room.
Architectural Visualization Interior
Interior rendering office building hall.



What do I need to provide in a project of Architectural Visualization?

Building a virtual model requires almost as much info as building the real structure, the more specifications are available, the better the result will be.

A brief list of what we need:

  • Drawing files with floor plans, side views and section planes;
  • Landscaping specifications
  • Interior design drawings
  • Specifications of the materials that will be used

2. What if I don’t have a landscape project or interior design?

Fyr Studio can develop harmonizing landscapes and interiors, adequate to the reality of the project. The designs will be thought to match the profile expected by the audience. We strive to go beyond beauty in architectural visualization, our objective is to create imagery that conveys feelings and carry more than objective information.

No detailed building blueprints will be provided. The sceneries are designed with the purpose of visualization only.

3. How many images do I need?

It depends on the project and the objectives. We will work together to determine the ideal amount of content for your campaign. When developing an architectural visualization project, many factors influence the number of items needed: intended usage, budget and the project itself to cite a few. It is possible to run a campaign phase with 3 or 4 images, but we have already delivered packs of more than 20 illustrations and floor plan renderings.

You don’t need to worry about that, our team has the expertise to propose a set of images that will fit in your budget without compromising the power of the messages you want to transmit.

4. How can I use the illustrations?

The final files are prepared to be used on print and digitally. They’ll look great on flyers as well as banners and outdoors. We can also optimize the files for digital usage, so that your website and digital presentations will be lightweight and good looking.

In case you’re planning some special usage of the images, we are able to produce it in special formats and sizes.

5. How long does it take to complete the illustrations?

Thinking about a single image, we usually present previews on the third day after start. After approval, it takes one day to finish the process.

As we start the project, we set up start and finish dates.

Why should I work with Fyr Studio?

1.Qualified team

We seek to continually qualify our team through courses and workshops. We have employees with undergraduate degrees in Architecture and Design, who give the best of themselves to increase their level of excellence.


We delivered more than 350 projects, this hard-earned experience allowed us to develop a work method that streamlines the process and let’s us achieve top results in less time.

3.Timely deliveries

We take deadlines seriously, if we can’t deliver a job on time, we won’t take it. Architectural Illustration is tricky sometimes, but we are prepared to do accurate estimates.

4.Hardware powerhouse

With more than 100 Ghz of processing power, we are equipped to achieve great quality in short periods of time.

5. High definition results

By default, we deliver images 4000 pixels wide, at 300 dpi resolution. This size allows for a wide range of applications. 

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Tech Specifications

3D Architectural Visualization

- All the illustrations are created with 100% compliance to your specifications

- The simulation of every material you specify will be carefully crafted.

- Rich construction of surroundings and props.

- Default delivery of images 4000 pixels wide, 300 dpi resolution.

- Optional delivery of lighter images for digital usage.

- JPG format

- Optional PNG format

- Digital delivery


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