Floor Plan Rendering

Floor Plan Rendering

Floor Plan Rendering

Floor Plan Rendering.

Looking at a technical draft depicting floor plans can be a baffling experience for a lay person.

We always design floor plan renderings with furniture that is compatible with the reality the audience expects. It is a tool that quickly clarifies the layout and space usage possibilities.


See some examples below:


Fyr-Studio---Porto-Camargo---Estudios-da-13---planta-ap-1---INGLÊS Fyr-Studio---Porto-Camargo---Estudios-da-13---planta-ap-3---INGLÊS Fyr-Studio---Tempus---Promenade---planta-final-2---PRV3---INGLÊS

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1. What do I need to provide as the base for a floor plan rendering project?

We need the architectural drawings and infor regarding the intended use for each room as well as the profile of the users.

2. Do I need to layout the furniture?

Not at all, we can develop a proposal for a layout. If you send us the layout you thought of, we’ll develop the floor plan rendering to comply with the guidelines you determined.

3. How many floor plan renderings do I need?

Usually, we develop floor plan renderings for every floor of the project or office/apartment type present in the project.

4. How can I use the floor plan renderings?

The final files are prepared to be used on print and digitally. They’ll look great on flyers as well as banners and outdoors. We can also optimize the files for digital usage, so that your website and digital presentations will be lightweight and good looking.

In case you’re planning some special usage of the images, we are able to produce it in special formats and sizes.

5. How long does it take to complete the illustrations?

Thinking about a single image, we usually present previews on the third day after start. After approval, it takes one day to finish the process.

Tech Specifications

Floor plan renderings designed to make it easier and faster to understand your project.

- Floor plan, master plan, mass diagram, infographic, we have architects and designers ready to deliver informative pieces.

- Decide which info you want to show along with the renderings

- Default delivery format: JPEG, 4000 pixels wide

- Digital delivery


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