Interactive 360 View

Interactive 360 View

An immersive experience to captivate your audience.


A powerful tool that will get the attention your design needs

3D Interactive Environments are one step before a real building in terms of experimenting a design. They excel at giving your client a feel of the ambient. This technology can be combined with VR technology, increasing even further the immersion experience.

The 360 tour allows showing spaces from a fixed camera. Users are able to rotate the camera in all directions and zoom into interesting details. The tool also lets us configure “hotspots”, that once clicked upon, will load a new space or launch a website.

This method of presentation results in a longer time of interaction because the viewer can control the camera.


1. What info is necessary for the development?

We need you to provide:

  • Floor plans
  • Photographic references of scenes you consider captivating for your audience
  • Detailed specification of materials to be used
  • A simple profile of your audience.

We offer support at all times, so feel free to ask about further details.

2. How long does the development take?

We usually deliver the first preview in 04 weekdays.

3. What is the final result?

We will host the environmets online, you will receive a link to open the tour and an HTML code for embedding the tour into your blog or website.

4. What If I don’t have all the specifications for the space?

We offer you the possibility of hiring our scenery design service. We’ll use our expertise to propose a design to fit the briefing of the project.

5. What is the difference between a Walkthrough Animation and an Interactive Environment?

The Walkthrough Animation is a video, which may have subtitles and soundtrack. The interaction consists in simply observing the sequence.

The Interactive environment is controled by the viewer from a fixed position.

Click here to get in touch with one of our consultants to obtain additional info.

Tech Specifications

Interactive 3D virtual tour.

- 100% accurate, we'll follow your specifications.

- Digital delivery through visualization link and embed code.


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