Virtual Tour

Virtual Tour

The 3D walkthrough is one of the most powerful tools available for architectural visualization.

It consists of a video, with subtitles, sound effects and soundtrack, which shows in a few minutes the best of the project.

There’s no doubt that video is the preferred media format of internet users today, so, if we want to even appear on the audience radar, we need something strong to start the relationship.

Show them why your project is a good deal.

The 3D architectural model we build allows full freedom of choice of points of views and camera course.

We will work with you on discovering the most striking scenes and guarantee maximum impact for your virtual tour.

Wide array of options for publishing.

TV, internet and events are among the options for this modality of architectural visualization. Your agents will have a large advantage if they use a virtual tour during a sales presentation.

It also makes sense to try and tap into the power of the internet to spread the word. A shared video through Facebook, Whatsapp or other social networking tools can go real far.

Can I have you attention?

In the fierce fight for attention, a virtual tour will give us an edge. First, eyes are made for tracking movement and with the suport of a good soundtrack, there’s a better chance of holding the eyes of the audience for long enough to get the message across.

A well crafted video for architectural visualization will help convey the intended sensations and get your potential clients excited and engaged.


1.What do I need to provide in a project of 3D Walkthrough for Architectural Visualization?

Building a virtual model requires almost as much info as building the real structure, the more specifications are available, the better the result will be.

A brief list of what we need to build a virtual tour:

  • Drawing files with floor plans, side views and section planes;
  • Landscaping specifications
  • Interior design drawings
  • Specifications of the materials that will be used

2. What if I don’t have a landscape project or interior design?

Fyr Studio can develop harmonizing landscapes and interiors, adequate to the reality of the project. The designs will be thought to match the profile expected by the audience.

No detailed building blueprints will be provided.

3. How long should the video be?

Depends on the intended effect. Architectural visualization videos range from short teasers of 10-20 seconds to full blown informative video, that shows a great deal of information about the project, reaching a duration of 2-3 minutes. 

It is possible to make longer virtual tours, but based on our experience, after 3 minutes, it gets exponentialy harder to keep the content interesting.

4. How long does it take to complete the virtual tour?

Taking a 60 seconds long virtual tour for example, we usually present previews after 12 weekdays. The final version demands 4 days to be completed.

Why should I work with Fyr Studio?

1.Qualified team

We seek to continually qualify our team through courses and workshops. We have employees with undergraduate degrees in Architecture and Design, who give the best of themselves to increase their level of excellence.


We delivered more than 350 projects, this hard-earned experience allowed us to develop a work method that streamlines the process and let’s us achieve top results in less time.

3.Timely deliveries

We take deadlines seriously, if we can’t deliver a job on time, we won’t take it. Architectural Illustration is tricky sometimes, but we are prepared to do accurate estimates.

4.Hardware powerhouse

With more than 100 Ghz of processing power, we are equipped to achieve great quality in short periods of time.

5. High definition results

By default, we deliver videos with with the dimensions of 1920 × 1080 pixels in the FLV format. This size allows for a wide range of applications. Consult us in case you need a different output in terms of size or format. 

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Tech Specifications

Walkthrough video that shows your architectural design

- Default delivery format: FLV

- Video resolution: Full HD 1920x1080

- Frame rate: 29,9 frames por segundo

- Digital delivery

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